Decreed by the High council of Free Trade‑Industrial Zones January 19, 1998

1. In order to bring about coordination among the Authorities of the Free Trade Industrial Zones, a Council, chaired by the President and composed of the lollowing persons, shall he established:
The Ministers of : Economic Aflairs and Finance, Commerce, Interior, Labor and Social Affairs, Industries, Mines and Metals, Roads and Transportation, Petroleum. Energy, Housing and Urban development, Culture and Islamic Guidannce, The Head of Plan and Budget Organization, the Governor of the Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Secretary of the High Council of Free Trade Industrial Zones.

2. The responsibilities and powers of the Board of Ministers as stipulated in the Law on the Administration of Free Trade Industrial Zones (excluding Note (2) of the Article (1) of the said
Law ), approved in 1372 (1993) shall be de legated to a commission composed of the Ministers subject of’ paragraph ( I ) of the Decree. The quorum for adoption of decisions by tile commission shall consist of the majority ofthe members present and at least four mcnrhers thereof’. The decisions adopted by the commission shall he put into tierce, upon approval by the President, with observance of the Article (19) of internal procedures of the Cabinet.

3. The Council and the Commission stipulated in the above Paragraphs ( 1) and (2) shall have a secretariat, which shall be administered by the Secretary of the said Council and the Commission who is appointed by president of the Republic.

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