Executive Bylaw on the Issuance of Visa to Foreign Nationals in the Free Trade­ Industrial Zones of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Article 1

In these Regulation the following terms are used in lieu of the following phrases Country : The Islamic Republic of Iran

Zones : The Free Trade ‑Industrial Zones of the Islamic Republic of Iran Authority : The Organization of each Free Trade _ Industrial Zone of Islamic Republic of Iran

Article 2

For direct entry into the. Free Zones through authorized points of entry and exit, foreign nationals are not required to obtain visa in advance .

Note 1 :For persons mcntioncd above , the representatives of the Disciplinary Forces at entry points of a Zone , shall affix the seal of residence permit of their valid travel Documents . The respective residence permit is issued For period of two weeks and may be extended up to six month upon the request Illade by the Authority .

Note 2: Residence for a period exceeding six months shall be governed by the provisions of the Regulations oil Finployrnent of workforce, Insurance and Social Security in Free Trade ‑ Industrial Zones of the Islamic Republic of’ Iran .

Note 3: Issuance of permit for residence in the Zones is prohibited with respect to all persons who are legally barred from entry into the country .

Article 3

For entry into the Zones which lack the direct points of entry ( air , sea or land) , forelgll nationals are required to obtain visa from the country’s legations abroad . The legations of the Islamic Republic of Iran abroad shall issue, without inquiring headquarters , double entry visas valid for three days, in accordance with relevant regulations and upon presentation of a return ticket by the applicant .

Article 4

Foreign nationals who, after entry into the country want to go to the other parts of tile country, are bound to submit their request to the representative office of (lie Ministry of Foreign Affairs located in the Zone.

Note 1: The representative of tllc Ministry of Foreign Affairs shall, within 48 hours, consider the relevant application and issue visa in accordance with the laws and regulations thereto.

Note 2: In case the representative of tile Ministry of Foreign Af1aire is not stationed in tile Zone, the visa mentioned in the above article shall be issued in accordance with the amended Note (2) of the Article (4) of tile Regulations oil the Entry and Residence of Foreign Nationals in the Free Trade‑Industrial Zones of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Article 5

The permitted resident foreign nationals, do not have to obtain separate visa for entering into the Zones. Such individuals, may, in view of the domestic regulations and presenting the valid documents, travel to the Zones.

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