Decreed by the High council of Free Trade Industrial Zone

November 12, 1994, No. K92Y/41571

May 18, 1995, No. K 15041 T/43060

Article 1

In this Decree the following terms are used in lieu of~other following phrases:

Country: The Islamic Republic of Iran

Zone: The Free Trade‑ Industrial Zone of the Islamic Republic of Iran

Authority: The Organization ofeach Zone of the Islamic Republic of Iran.


Article 2

For direct entry into the authorized points of arrival and departure in the Free Zone, foreign nationals are not required to obtain a visa beforehand.


Note 1: For individuals specified in this Article, Law enforcement officials shall affix the respective residence permits on their valid travel documents in the points of arrival and departure in the Free ‘Lone.

Note 2: Issuance of a residence permit is prohibited for the lullowing persons:

a.The nationals of the countries whose entry into the Islamic

Republic of Iran has been banned by the government.

b.Persons who are banned from entering the Country.

c.Persons who are banned from entering Free Zones.

Note 3: A residence permit is issued for the duration of two weeks and may be renewed, up to six months upon the proposal by the Authority.


Article 3

To enter into the Zones adjacent to the other parts of the country where direct entry is not possible, foreign nationals have to obtain an entry visa from the Islamic Republic of Iran legations abroad

Note 1: The Islamic Republic of Iran legations shall grant a double entry visa, each one bearing a three‑day validity, with regard to the invitation made by the Organization and the two‑way air ticket, without inquiring from the center (capital).

Note 2: The conditions mentioned in Notes No. I and 3 of the Article 2 of the present Decree shall be applied to the foreign national, who subject to this Article, has entered the country.


Article 4

The foreign nationals who have entered the Zones and intend to enter into the country shall submit their application to the Representative Section of Foreign National’s Affairs located in the Disciplinary Forces I lcadquarters stationed in the ‘Lone.


Note 1: The it hove‑mentioned headquarters shall, within 48 hours, consider the pertinent application and make their response.

Note2: In case the Representative of the Ministry of I oreit:n All airs, stihiect of the Article (4) of the Executive Bylaw on the Issuance of visa to torekvners, is not located in the Zone, the foreign nationals subject of the Article (4) of the said bylaw who intend to travel to the other parts of the country, shall submit their application to the Representative Bureau of foreign Nationals Affairs situated in the Ifeadquarters ol~the Zone’s Disciplinary Forces. The said Bureau, in co‑ordination with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is, within 48 hours, to make its response to the applicant.

Article 5

The foreign nationals who got a resident permit do not have to obtain a Separate visia to enter into tile Zones. Such individuals, may, in view of the domestic regulations and presenting the valid documents, travel to tile zones.


Article 6

Upon request by an applicant and at the discretion of the officials concerned, the issuance of transit visa and residence permit, subject of Note ( 1 ) of Article (2) of this Decree, affixed on a separate paper is allowed.


Article 7

Any foreign national who intends to reside in the said Zones is required, within the period of residence. to Fill in and sign the forms relating to the entry permit and residence permit and submit the same, together with other necessary documents, to the Foreign Nationals Aftairs Section of the Zone in which he/she intends to reside. The Foreign Nationals Affairs Section of the Zone shall issue a residence permit or refrain from doing so, based on inspecting the documents of The applicant concerned

Note: Application for issuance of a residence permit for foreign nationals must be channeled through the Authority of Free Zones.


Article 8

The Officials of the Public Places Office are obliged to record the identity and the time of their arrival in special forms within 24 hours after the arrival of foreign nationals and submit this to the Foreign Nationals Affairs Section ofthe Disciplinary Force stationed in the Zone.


Note 1: From the standpoint of this Decree, public places include hotels, motels, inns, boarding houses and, in general, to all establishments which receive guests in one way or the other.


Note 2: In cooperation with the Foreign Nationals Affairs Section of the Zone, the special forms for arrival of the travelers are prepared by the Zone Authorities and are put at the disposal of the owners of public places.


Article 9

For employment of foreign nationals in the Zones, it is required to observe the provisions of the Regulations Governing tile Employment of workforce, Insurance and Social Security in the Free Trade ‑Industrial Zones of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

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