Board of Directors

Board of Directors

H.E.Seyed Ali Naghi Seyed Khamoushi


Chairman of Iran Investment Holding Co. ,Jamee spinnig and weaving,Garment, Motahari spinning & weaving Co. From 1985,1995 ,2007 till now.
Previously he was for more than 27years president of Iran Chamber of Commerce Industries and Mines (ICCIM),member of Money and Credit Council , central Bank of Iran, member of I.R. Of Iran’s parliament, Deputy of Ministry of Commerce, president of Mostazafan foundation, general manager of Moghadam textile co.’ Tim Spinning. and production manager of Momtaz Textile co.q and etc.
He has received his Ba degree from Blackburn college of Technology in U.K.
Member of high council of Iran Chamber’s Veterans.

Dr.Amir Houshang Amini

Vice president & Secretary General, Editor of IBCCIM Quarterly Magazine & Monthly Electronic Newsletter

International investment consultant , Senior Economic Adviser of ICCIM (1992 – till now)
previous Head of economic research center =ERC (1992 – 2008 ) co-editor ICCIM monthly magazine & Iran Commerce,member of money and Credit Council commission (CBI),Vice Chairman and Managing director of Iranian Techno-Engineering Co. BM of joint chamber Iran & Armenia , Iran & Afghanistan , Iran & France , Iran & Belgium, etc. Worked More than 30 years as senior Expert of National Indus. planer, senior adviser In the Field of infrastructure and production planning, and supervision-secretary general of Caspian Coastal Regions HC, regional planning ,culture & tourism planning department of PBO. Deputy research and planning of into(Iran National Tourist Org.(INTO),and teaches economics at the various universities in the same time.
He is author and translator of more than 500 published articles and books in the field of economics,planning,social Science and etc..
He has received his doctorate from Carola Francisca university ,Graz Austria 1963.

Ala Mir Mohammad Sadeghi

Vice president

Vice president of Tehran Chamber of Commerce , Industries and Mines. senior adviser to the board of Iran Chamber of Commerce,Industries and Mines
President of Madzandaran Gypsum co and Lika. co.
President of various joint chamber such as Iran and Canada CHAMBER of Commerce, Industries and MINES, Iran and Afghanistan,…..
previously he was from1980 Till 2011 without Pause first vice president of ICCIM
and Various joint Chambers such As,Trade Council of Iran and Korea, Iran and UAE ,and…
He has in more than 60 Years Activity in the Field of Trade and industries establishment or cooperated for Establishing of more than 60 production Unit and…
The name of Ala Mir Mohammad Sadeghi in trade market is synonym of reliability and honesty.
Member of high council of Iran Chamber’s Veterans.

Jaafar Zarebini

Board member

( Born 1943 )
CEO of Mahoot Co. , Namad Co. And Paris Co. Which are established in 1970 ,19880 ,2002 The first one is carpet factory , second one is Polypropylene fiber factory and all three located in Esfahan.The Third One is Food industry (French Frieß and potato Flaks and …)
He is member of Board Representative of Iran Chamber,Head of Esfahan Industrial Management Association,since the association was established .
Previously he was also vice president of Esfahan Chamber for 35 years, Iran Industrial Management association for two Periode , Board member of Irano British Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Mines ,Member and founder of the Karafarin private Bank, Winner of Job Creator Cup and Hero of Industry of Iran 2007 . The Winner of Job Creator Cup 2005
He has got more than thirty Nine Years of work As professional MD in Industries and Commerce .
He has His BA degree in Economics and Political Science from Meli University of Iran
Member of high council of Iran Chamber’s Veterans.

Firouzeh Mazda

Board member and board writer

1- Chief Representative of Persia International Bank PLC (38 years of International Banking Experience) 2- Director of International Affairs in Bank Mellat3- General Manager of International Division in Bank Mellat4- Deputy General Manager International Division, Supervisory to Finance, InternationalRelations, Treasury Foreign Grantees Depts. in Bank Mellat.5- Good knowledge of International Banking & Different Banking Products, mostly on Project Financing (Specially on Oil, Gas & Petrochemical Projects), Foreign Grantees and International Agreements.

Iraj Danesh

Board Member

Personal Information

Name: Iraj
Surname: Danesh
Nationality: Iranian
Marital Status: Married
Telephone Number: 09121232222
Education: Graduated in civil engineering from Technical University of Tehran

Work Experience:
28. Mar. 1966: worked as expert management of exploration and production and head of design and development of northern oil and gas at National Iranian Oil Company
11. Jun. 1987: worked as head of the department of civil engineering & director of exploration and production at National Iranian Oil Company
27. Jan. 1991: responsible for monitoring the implementation of all construction projects, exploration and production at National Iranian Oil Company
From 1981 to present: CEO of Tehran Navgan Tarabar Company (TNT)

Ali Hamzenejad

Board member & Treasurer

(Born 1942) CEO Alidar Co. Import–Export Co. Board member & Treasurer of Iran Mineral Producers and distributors Association Member of Iran’s House of Mineral , legal inspector of Iran Export confederation. Board member of Joint Chambers Iran and China, confederation of Rusia, Australia UAE and Afghanistan Previously He has worked in National Radio – Television as Director of General Engineering Department of NRT of Iran, and He was two Periods member of Representative Board of Iran CHAMBER and…… He has His Engineering from Tehran University and M.A. from Cambridge University OF Massachusetts USA. and Member of high council of Iran Chamber’s Veterans.

Zahra Naghavi

alternative board member

Managing Director of Aras Baran Chemi Co.(ABC)
Based on her previous experience she found her capability and preferred to involve herself in bigger challenge. Thus, she tried to put her experiences on her skilled and built up her organization. Aras Baran Chemi Company (ABC) Registered in 1997 in Tehran and started its activity to distribute, import and supply laboratory equipment and instruments. The company activities started locally and gradually developed nationally and internationally. .
Chairman of Education Institute of Arman Barez Saei – Education institute to arrange and hold training courses, Seminars and also getting admission from foreign Universities and Institutes for the Students registered in 2011.
She has Bsc In Chemistry, and MBA

Mrs. Marzieh Ebrahimi

Alternative Board Member

Founder, managing director and vice president of Nano Fanavari e Zarat( NAFEZ CO. )established 2007 Vice president of Choub Avaran Behnam Kaqaz (CHABOK CO. Ltd), an industrial-commercial co. Established 2011 Board member of NAPAN Group, a commercial co. Based in UK. established 2011 Previously she was head of SEPEHR, engineering service company since 2002, Board member of Rezayat Limstone mining Co. Since 2003 She has her B.A. In pure Mathematics and MBA from Sharif University,..