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IBCCIM: The Beginning

The Irano-British Chamber of Commerce, Industries & Mines was first established in 1978 in Tehran. It was then called “Irano-British Chamber of Commerce. Not long after, along with Islamic Revolution and all of the basic changes, the chamber of commerce was ignored and totally forgotten.


In other words, and as a result, the Irano-British Chamber of Commerce was abandoned. Although, the already founded Chamber was never dissolved, it was practically   suspended, This long 20 years of  gloomy period, actually shadowed the close  relations between Iranian people and the people of the United Kingdom.

In late 1988, as both Iran and Great Britain, following the renewal of the new activities around the  Iran Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Mines, Lord Waverley the chairman of the British-Iranian Chamber of commerce along with a number of British high level economists and dignitaries paid an official visit to Iran and met with President and other board members of the Iran Chamber of Commerce Industries and Mines to vitalize the old economic and trade relations, between the two countries.They discussed in detail a number of crucial economic topics with Mr. A.N. Khamoushi President of Iran Chamber of Commerce Industries and Mines and other board members following all negotiations, a good number of Iranian industrialists ,and businessmen  got together in Iran Chamber and founded the Irano-British Chamber of  Commerce Industries and Mines (IBCCIM), which was legally approved under amendment Article five of Iran Chamber of Commerce Industries and Mines.

According to the new Charter the first Executive Directors of the Chamber were elected as Follows:

  1.  Dr. Amir Houshang Amini B.M. & Secretary General.
  2.  Ahmad Mousavi Akhavan B.M.
  3.  Jafar Zarehbini B.M. & Second vice President.
  4.  H.E. Eng. Ali Naqi Khamoushi B.M. & President.
  5.  H.E. Eng. Ali Kollahdouz Esfahani B.M. & Tresurer.
  6.  Asadollah Asgarouladi B.M. & first vice President.
  7.  A.M.M.Sadeghi B.M.
  8.  Eng. Farhad Rahnama B.M.

Thus, the founded Irano- British Chamber soon after managing its legality and receiving a great help from Iran Chamber, got into its official business by the start of the new millennium.